Welcome to the unofficial site of 24Airways. This is a new start-up airlines in Italy which is going to conquer local market.

24Airways (Twentyfour Airways) is going to serve domestic and regional flights out of Milan Malpensa - its proposed Northern Italian hub. The new-born airlines have not received either an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) or an Air Services Licence (ASL) yet, but they hope to complete the process by the end of 2016.

Presently the company is located in a faceless industrial building at Via Galileo Galilei in Silea, a small town in the north of Venice. It ‘s development is a hidden process, 24Airways has not unfold any PR or advertising activity. They have just issued the promising tagline “AIR TRANSPORTATION IS NOT ONLY MAKE AN AIRCRAFT FLYING” and are going on waiting the licensing to be done.

All we know is that 24Airways (Twentyfour Airways) plans to use aircrafts of the latest generation. And the fleet will consist of planes of medium capacity.